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I built a corner for myself on the internet 🎉

Henceforth, you can check out my website for new articles and other goodies.

Forms are a common way to engage with users and could be a user’s first impression of your product. Since forms aren’t always the user’s favourite thing, it is essential to make filling out forms as easy as possible. Let’s go over a few tips for creating great forms.

Use a Single Column Layout

Single column vs Multiple columns form.

Limiting your form to one column makes it easier for users to read and lets you predict the order in which the form should be filled. A single column form also favours keyboard users by making it simple to tab from one field to another. …

Angular project

Before we get started, all of the code for this tutorial can be found in my GitHub Repository.

Let's begin with an Angular project which has a container component. We are going to display another component (let's call it child component) within the container component in this post.

We will be using the Angular CLI to generate modules and components, you can install Angular CLI by running the command below.

npm i @angular/cli

Create a Child Component

The first thing is to create the “child” component you plan to display. If you haven’t created the child component already, you can do so using the…

Not too long after becoming a developer, an urge comes upon you to create a personal website. you can only resist for so long. I gave in two days ago and I am happy to say you can check out my personal website at

After creating my simple personal website, I had to host it so I could connect my domain name, here is how I did that.

Create a Repository on Github

Create a public repository for your website and name it what you want. My repository looks like the image below. …

In my last post–How to Start your Programming Journey, I mentioned working on personal projects to help build your programming skills. I decided to give you a nudge by going ahead to work on a new personal project myself.

This post gives you a preview of an App I worked on using the guide of a Firebase tutorial

A popular beginner-friendly project is “Tic-Tac-Toe”. I have built Tic-Tac-Toe before using plain Javascript. This time I am working with the Angular framework and Nebular.

I played around with the styles and gave my App a Lagos-touch. …

Wow! This is my first official blog post. Let’s do this!

welcome to the nerd zone

I am Linda, a Frontend Developer at BuyCoins, you can call me Linda too.

Before getting into programming, I thought it was magic, something you couldn’t just learn. I assumed you had to be extraordinarily smart to speak the ‘language of computers’. Don’t worry if you feel that way.

I studied Biomedical Engineering and graduated in 2017. I spent my service year working at a Federal Medical Centre as a biomedical engineer. …

Linda Ojo

I am a frontend developer who is focused on creating functional and beautiful products.

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